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BMW Dashboard Lights

Dashboard warning lights are a critical piece of your BMW’s safety and maintenance systems, and is your car’s method of communicating with you. Though these lights are designed to alert the driver of a potential problem, all too often, the pesky dashboard warning lights are ignored.

In an effort to help you decipher what your dashboard indicator lights mean, and whether or not you need to make a service appointment at Union Park BMW, we’ve put together a list of the most common lights, and what they mean.​ 


This indicator looks just like a battery with a positive and negative terminal. The light indicates an issue with the battery – often it is unable to hold a charge. Have your battery checked right away.

Tire Pressure Monitor

This warning light appears like an explanation point over tire tread, inside of parenthesis. If this light appears red, it means your tires have lost air rapidly and if the light appears in yellow, it means that the tire pressure is off by 10% or more.  



This indicator appears like an explanation mark inside of a circle, inside of parenthesis, and indicates a problem with the brake system. If the light is red, your brake level is too low. If it lights up yellow, the hill assist feature has failed. In both cases, have your car checked out as soon as possible.


The oil level indicator looks like a gas canister dropping a single drop of oil. This means that your oil level is low, and should be topped of or replaced as soon as possible.



This light looks like an engine, and indicates a problem with the engine’s parts and components. If the light is flashing, components of the engine are misfiring, causing it to malfunction. This can also cause damage to the emission control systems, so have this checked out immediately.
If you see an indicator light on your BMW, but aren’t sure what it means, call your Union Park BMW service department​ for more information. (302) 573-4894

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